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Yard Bird Tacos

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Shout out to my dad for giving me my great sense of humor. If you don't quite know what yard bird is, google it. I'm feeling my Arkansas roots shining as I say it. Hey, be proud of where you're from, no matter how weird it is!

P.S.--(Actually don't google it, because the definition is convict, according to google......sooo...this is awkward.) It's chicken!!

Anyways, it's 100+ million degrees here in Arizona and I decided to cook some yard bird street tacos. I take it literally here in AZ. You take your meat, go outside to your streets and cook the meat on the pavement.....boom street tacos.

What really makes these tacos is the slaw, the onion mixture, & of course your seasoning. If your seasoning cabinet isn't packed full then you are doing something wrong!

First you make your slaw. Super easy.

--> Spoon full of sour cream

--> Season to tasting. Not too salty...just enough flavor.

--> Mix the sour cream with the slaw

+ Refrigerate!

This seasoning is EVERYTHING.

Only downside is the second ingredient is MSG. Still not clear about this preservative in food quite yet. Researching before I have to throw away this seasoning and cry forever.

If you didn't know, I am huge into nutrition and health as well & a lot of my minor classes consisted of such. So further information down the road!

Start your chicken first because it will take the longest. I use a cast iron pan so I cook on low for a longer period to make sure the juiciness stays. Doesn't take much to mess up a chicken breast!

***Drum-roll*** And the seasoning line up is........

Run to the store right now and get yourself the slap ya mama cajun seasoning! I don't care if its 9 am, 5, or 11 pm...go get it.

Anyways, I coat my chicken evenly in all of these. No need for any extra salt, the cajun seasoning has that in it.

By the way, best decision I made was switching over from olive oil to avocado oil. Highest smoke point, great fats for your diets, & my food tastes way better! Costco has the bigger bottles for about $9. Can't beat that.

I only cook two at a time just so I can make sure there is even cooking. You don't have to use a cast iron pan. However, I don't know how we can be friends if you choose a non-stick over this!

While you're cooking up your yard bird, chop up your street taco mixture! Onions (minced very tiny + cilantro....lots of it). I use some jalepenos to spice it up because we like it spicaaaaayyyyy.

Hubba hubba........

Chicken should start to brown and look cripsy! Yum!

Make sure you let your meat rest so it can keep all those lovely juices. Then dice into uneven pieces like I did. Remember, sometimes the best food doesn't look that great. I don't care what Gordon Ramsay said!!

Next, assemble le taco!

--> Warm your tortilla with some oil

--> Yard Bird

-->Onion/Cilantro deliciousness

--> Coleslaw. Not necessary...but encouraged. Do it. I converted my mom and dad to the coleslaw life for tacos!

If this order doesn't work for you, switch it up. I'm not here to tell you negative things about your life!

To the right, that's my queso.....it's delicious and I am posting the recipe soon!

The tacos tasted as delicious as they look! My man had like 4....he always does.

I know I could of plated better but I am not a sous chef so don't judge me. Real person, making real food, while making real mistakes and mishaps throughout the journey!

This is one of the many weekly tacos I will be making. Send me your suggestions on what tacos you want to see, and each week I will make a new one.

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I know it's Thursday, I got sucked into another Netflix binge yesterday before I could post.....but happy future Taco Tuesday!

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