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Trader Joes Haul + Favorites

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Can you get anymore hipster than a Trader Joe lover? I never used to shop at Trader Joes, but now it is becoming my one stop shop. Learning about what is in our food is super important to me, & most of Trader Joe's items are pretty clean! I'll proudly be a Trader Joe hipster, hollar!

Here is a list of items I picked up yesterday/items I love to get at Trader Joes. I still have plenty to try. Send me all of your favorites!

I am doing sweet then savory!

Lets start it off with the most basic items of basic items. Cookie Butter. I like mine crunchy, with fruit, or graham crackers!

This truffle brownie mix is out of this world. I usually go with making from scratch, but I am lazy & tired so I am buying these again because they rock.

A few weeks ago, I tried this for the first time with my co-workers. I am always bringing in goodies for everyone. This one was a hit. It was creamy, perfect amount of sweet, & very light!

Now, if you don't like coconuts....keep scrolling. Hubba hubba...

I don't buy these every trip, but when they come back in the freezer section I make sure to pick up one or two for my coworkers and I. These are so good! Imagine oreo cream filled puffs. That is what they taste like.

My sister in law suggested these on her instagram @winkandatwirl . I have been obsessed with them. They melt in your mouth! (that's what she said?)

Next time you are at Trader Joes, PLEASE for the love of God pick these up. So good. Great little sweet snack for here and there.

***PRO TIP*** Warm in microwave......do it. Don't ignore the package.

Can anyone say an AWESOME avocado toast topper?

I didn't buy this since I just bought one last week.......but I had to talk about it's greatness. It is salt free but it has all of your necessary seasonings in it. I use it like crack on all my food lately.

Calling all hot cheetos fans! These are where it's at. Way better for you, and they taste AMAZING!

I am sorry guys, I get all my goodies at Trader Joes. All healthiness aside.......this.....mac.....takes over all mac.

My favorite pizza!! I don't buy any other frozen pizza anymore.


This one! This one makes me want to dance too!

Okay ya'll. Every time I am at Trader Joes, I pick one of these babies up! I am telling you to get up and run and go buy this now. You will thank me later.

These are great for summer or just for any fill in meals throughout the week. Noms.

Got this for Kevin for our Sunday football meal. I never want to cook much on football days because I am too busy watching. So I made little Hawaiian sliders with this and the pulled pork version of this.

Turkey meatballs to talk about! Great for sport days, lazy nights, etc.

Add them into a pasta dish, aside veggies, or add on a pineapple teriyaki sauce and just snack alone.

Goodness I am on a sport food binge here.

Yep, got these for game day too. Stupid easy to make and yummy.

Everyone raves about this Gnocchi. Everyone. You will too once you try.

Unless you hate sweet potatoes.

Or potatoes in general.

Who are you?

Remember my tropical tacos! Thank you Trader Joes!

Not going to lie, I am lazy AF when it comes to tedious tasks such as peeling my garlic. Haha, love how convenient this garlic is.

Have you ever stuffed your fish with crab? Well you should.....

Work snacks! Snacks on Snacks!

I am kind of sad I love this so much. Because it's SO easy. Like how can something so easy be SO good. I am not sad. I am ecstatic. Great for taco night.

These strips are so nice to keep in the freezer. I make wraps with them, easy tacos, or just for a quick lunch!

I made the best tacos the other night with these battered halibut. Throw some slaw on with some pico and get it poppin!

I bake them. Lol I do not deep fry a deep fried food. I mean if you choose to do so.....you do you boo boo.

Lunch ideas. Brown Rice with one to two of these. Eat in a bowl and you have a protein bowl. Kevin likes to add these when he cooks breakfast!

Have you tried their famous BBQ sauce? It's gold.

What year is it? That was a pretty long post.....

I am not sorry that took forever! This is solid shopping information!

Let me know your favorite Trader Joes items so I can try new tings!!

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