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The Truth about Peanut Butter

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

You're probably thinking.....really, a post about peanut butter. Yes boo, a post about peanut butter today because there are a lot of misconceptions that everyone I talk to, has no clue about. Most of the peanut butter on the shelves is not good for you. Including ones labeled "natural". I'll explain why below.

I've taken many nutrition classes when I was in school and I started to use my knowledge about reading labels to my advantage.

The FDA can be quite sneaky about their labels, especially when it comes to food. Remember a while back trans fat was banned from being produced in food? Each label you read now too says Trans fat O mg. Obviously everyone knows how bad trans fat is for you and it is the worst fat you can consume. It basically just sits in your arteries & is a contributor to bad cardiovascular health. How the FDA is sneaky is they are utilizing hydrogenation of oils to extend the shelf life of our food, thus creating trans fat in the food. Hydrogenation is an unsaturated fat being turned into a solid trans fat by the use of hydrogen and high temperatures. This process is used throughout food production to extend shelf life, provide texture, or just for the company to save money.

Why is this important? It's important because peanut butter is generally considered a part of a healthy diet to most & most of the conventional peanut butters either contain hydrogenated oils or unhealthy oils disguised as oils that are okay for us.

Another oil that is pretty high in saturated fats that is found in peanut butter is Palm oil. The FDA considers this a healthy oil but it is still probably safer to limit the amount of Palm oil you consume as a part of a balanced diet. If it doesn't contain hydrogenated oils, it probably has palm oil. What makes palm oil so popular is it helps keep products have a longer shelf life and yet again a better consistency.

I decided to take a trip to the store and take some photos of the peanut butters you absolutely shouldn't be buying, the ones you should, and the ones labeled as natural but still aren't as good.

The only ingredients you should read are...Peanuts, Salt. THATS IT.

It is normal for your peanut butter to be runny & to be required to mix it!

P.S. check out that double chin!

First I am going to talk about my two favorite peanut butters. Both have great ingredients & taste delicious. Deep in my heart, I miss eating Jiff so these help!

As you can see, the only ingredients are peanuts and sea salt. Boom. That's it.

I get the kirkland one in a pack of 2 for around $9 or so & the Organics one at Albertsons or Safeway.

Below are also a few brands you can get as well.

These next ones are the ones with palm oil as one of the major ingredients. I would much rather prefer to have peanut butter without it and just take it with whole ingredients. That is what is important, just eating whole/real foods instead of refined and packaged foods. Palm oil is not considered a whole food.

Isn't it shocking that Justin's peanut butter is shown as one of the healthiest? And one of it's main ingredients is palm oil.

This Jif natural was my JAM recently last year before really starting to study the in depth ingredients in our food. It's claimed natural and of course that does not mean it is healthy. Sugar, palm oil, and molasses shouldn't be added to peanut butter.

Now the not so good ones.....

As you can see I gave two examples with hydrogenated oils. I know there are more out there, but as long as you know what ingredients to look for you'll know to make the better decision!

Now you may think I am trying to scare you into what you're eating and this and that....blah blah blah. I'm really not. I am just trying to help you make better balanced decisions in nutrition! Eat balanced & read your labels folks...it matters!

There might be some of you that just want to continue eating Jif, or other peanut butters and I won't stop ya! No negativity here, go on with ya bad self!

Thanks for listening to me babble,


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