• Skye

Spinach Artichoke Quiche

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Quiche sometimes feels like the perfect food. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner honestly. Anyone else feel the same? Also it has eggs in it so how else could it not be perfect?

If you are a spinach artichoke lover like myself, you are sure to love this recipe. Whenever I am out at a restaurant if I see spinach artichoke dip or queso you already know I am ordering it! GIMME ALL THE DIPS PLEASE.

Ok, back to the quiche. Let's just dig right in.

Can you tell I burnt the crust? Or did my picture trick you? Yes I burnt my crust, sue me. However, I like it crispy anyway. If you don't, you should probably watch your crust closer than I did.

Got all the goods right here! Okay, even if you don't have spinach or artichokes, I am giving you a great quiche recipe. Everyone has butter, eggs, and seasonings usually right?

Super important: For your crust. Set it out 30 minutes before cooking. It will be easier to spread at this point. I got this brand at Sprouts. Great ingredients in these crusts.

Roll out in pie pan and make sure all is even. Bake for about 10 minutes on 400 to lightly brown your crust.

Next, I took some shallots and I caramelized them in a skillet. This added a bunch of flavor. Shallots basically are mini onions with WAY more flavor.

Egg time is the best time! My dad is probably reading this like "yep that's my girl".

Beat your eggs with your milk and now you will start adding in all the extras.

Tip: Break up your artichokes a bit before they go into the egg and milk mixture.

As you can see, I added in the spinach and the caramelized shallots. Make sure you mix well! Then add the mixture into your crust and bake until quiche sets.

By set I mean no longer has runny eggs. This was so delicious guys. Perfect for any season or any reason in my opinion.


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