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Simple Turkey Burger Tacos

Cha Cha Cha! The best day of the week. IT'S WEEKLY TACO TIME! You guys, I am so lame this week. Kickin' it old school and having a simple burger taco. However, I cannot eat beef if this is not known yet, so I am substituting for turkey. Still just as delicious if you ask me.

Sometimes simplicity is key.

Your cast of characters ladies and gentlemen.

Again on the seasoning packet take.....I do not use taco seasoning packets. Do the math on the sodium in those puppies.....can you say NO BUENO.

I am a firm believer you can make your tacos taste just as good, if not better with your own seasoning!

So I season the turkey burger once I put it in the pan with some oil. I used avocado oil of course.

I really cake on the garlic powder, onion powder, and the fiesta lime seasoning. I also use a bunch of smoked paprika and a good amount of the Trader Joes chile lime seasoning because it has salt in it. However, I don't over do it. Unfortunately you just have to go with your gut in the seasoning department because you can't taste test raw meat! I always eye ball my seasonings. When you cook as often as I do, you really don't use measurements anymore. You just cook for taste! But trust yourself when seasoning your meat.

So after the meat is cooked through, I add in some water, probably about 1/2 cup worth. This is going to keep your turkey burger moist.

It should look like this with seasoning and water. Basically, it looks just like if you were to use a seasoning packet!

*Top off with cayenne to make it spicy* We always do this because we are spice addicts. If you're sweating and nose running from the heat, you're in business.

I don't care if these are stupid simple, they are delicious! Also, there's a post recently circulating on the internet stating sour cream doesn't go on top of tacos. DO IT....who cares.....especially with turkey burger.....nom!

After my veggies I freshly grated cheese and added lettuce and sour cream. I know it's not "traditional"........Sue me.

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