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September Monthly ER Order

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

If you don't know by know, I am one of those crazy oil believing hippies. So if you don't like essential oils, I have plenty of other posts for you to enjoy! However, I love me some oils! Especially young living. I grew up with this brand all surrounding throughout my family + now that I am an adult (or trying to be) I get to enjoy them all for myself.

Young living has an awesome program where I can order the products I already planned on ordering, but earn points for those orders so I can spend less on my future orders. It is called Essential Rewards and I love it. Currently trying to detox my life of the yuck + I can trust Young Living to help me with that. Now you may not want to rid your life of chemicals and that is fine by me! Carry on!

This month I am trying two new products and 1 re-ocurring one. I don't go coo-coo for cocoa puffs quite yet with my orders so for awhile these posts will be short!

First item I received was this Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil. I got this item for removing of my makeup before I go in with my cleanser. I just tried it last night and ohhhhhhh baby, this gets everything off! If I were to use a normal makeup wipe I would be still cleansing a bunch of makeup off of me. It smells amazing and I know its made of greatness.

Next is the Seedlings line baby lotion. I am not preggers lol. However, I love how many good things I have heard about this lotion. A lot of people use it as a facial moisturizer because of how gentle it is! I used it today (LOL....uses one day.....becomes firm believer...thanks YL) and my body did not feel sticky and it has the most amazing fresh lavender scent. My skin was as soft as a baby's bottom. I can definitely see myself purchasing this in the future for my littles as well.

Last but not least, Thieves Spray. Throw out your Lysol + get yourself some Thieves Spray. I can trust the Thieves line like no other and I know that if I spray this, the germies will be gone. Great to keep in your purse, in your house, in your car.....wherever. Use it as you would Lysol. What's great is, it can be used on your skin without any irritation as well. That's how you know a product is good ta go.

That's it.....wah, wah, wah......thanks for listening to my oiliness.

More for next month!

Ta Ta for now,

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