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Self Care This Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Hi everyone! Just wanted to chime in and talk about something that is really weighing on my heart. I have been running into a lot of over-stressed, over-worked, and under-appreciated people this season. We all deserve to feel appreciated and NOT stressed, including during this time of year! Part of not allowing yourself to not go over-board or to get stressed is to give yourself some self love or self care. That is what I am going to talk about today :)

You cannot fill from an empty cup.

This is something that I have been currently working on. I have always been a people-pleaser and I am constantly looking to make the people around me happy. I never realized how exhausting it is to be all for other people and to not take time for yourself. I was definitely pouring from an empty cup. It affected not only just my health but it affected my self-esteem and everything in between.

Easy Self Care:

-Hot baths

-Cuddling up in bed and watching your favorite show

-Baking cookies for yourself and enjoying them

-Getting a massage or pedicure

-Taking some time to read inspirational material

-Taking time to PRAY or worship

-Sitting on your patio with some hot coffee and your favorite music

In addition to self-care, Christmas involves gift giving, which creates stress and this is something else I wanted to address.

I know this is the season of giving but I wanted to remind you all:

It is not about how much you give, but how much love you put into gifting. -Mother Teresa.

Some creative love filled gifts you can give:

-Coupons for watching your nieces and nephews

-Scrapbooks of you and that person

-QUALITY TIME (schedule something fun you will do with that person sometime soon)

-Baking cookies or goodies for that person

-Being there for someone when they REALLY need it.

Sometimes gifts are not worth a price, but worth something way more than that.

You can do anything, but not everything.

I want to stress that there is not another you in this world. You are not replaceable. Everything else IS though. Don't over work yourself to get more money for gifts. Don't go into debt to prove people you love them. Don't worry if you can't buy someone something this season, give to them in another way throughout the year.

At the end of the day, the people who truly love and appreciate you will not care if you get them the most fancy gifts & those people will also accept you for who you are if you decide to take some time for self care this holiday season.

End of Rant. I hope even just one person sees this and realizes that maybe they are doing too much and they need to take a step back.


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