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San Diego Trip With The Fam

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

So we bought a house recently, and right smack dab in the middle of all the packing, getting ready for our house, what do I decide to do? Hey lets go to San Diego for a couple of days! JK, I had this planned for a few months with my mom, little sister, and her best friend Kaylee.

It was seriously so refreshing. We were only there 4 days but it was so needed. I love going on vacation with my family because they are just always up for doing anything. We don't ever need to have any plans, we just go with the flow and explore and I loved it! We explored so many beaches, visited the local coffee shops, got great food, and just went with the flow.

Day 1 (sunday): We drove to San Diego in the morning and got there at just about 2:30 pm. We were supposed to leave at like 6:30 but that clearly didn't happen. People didn't wake up and we had meltdowns for coffee before taking off. OH, and I forgot my glasses and other important things so I had to drive all the way back home first. *rolls eyes*

When we got to Ocean Beach, we parked nearby our Air bnb and we had an hour and 1/2 to kill so we just decided to go grab some coffee and some grub.

We ate at this cute little pizza shop down the street. I am seriously on a pizza kick lately. I am not normally into pizza! I usually get veggie pizza or white pizza.

After we went back to our Air bnb to check in. We had the cutest little 1 bedroom cottage but it slept all 4 of us very nicely! This is the link to the place if you need a good place to stay in SD.


After we decided to head to the beach to watch the sunset! It was so gorgeous, I was literally in awe. PS, we were at the dog beach nearby and my heart was so fully with all the happy puppos running around. It seems like everyone goes to the beach for sunset around there. It was pretty awesome.

Day 2 (Monday): We decided to check out what all these acai bowls around town were about. We woke up and went to Te Mana Cafe up the street. We had the most delicious acai bowl. The coffee was okay, it was a little too sweet. But the atmosphere here was amazing. Filled with tropical green plants everywhere, cute mugs, and it had a homey feel for sure.

After we got all ready (which in San Diego is throw on a swimsuit, keep your hair beachy from the water, and minimal makeup....aka just go with the flow man) we decided to head over to Coronado beach. Everything is much more expensive there due to its on it's own little island but we just went with it. We explored the shops by walking around, then we ate some yummy Mexican food at a place called Miguels.

It was really cold by the beach at Coronado and there was a fog that took over the whole island. We didn't let that stop us from chilling at the beach! Grace and Kaylee got in the cold cold water, and now they are suffering the consequences lol. I colored on the beach and hung out with my mom while those hooligans had fun.

Of course we had to fit some photo ops in here and there. We mean business!

Later that night we decided we wanted to try more coffee so we went and rented two bikes and one "wheels" which is kind of like a mo-ped. We biked around the streets until we found what we were looking for. We had OB beans which was alright. Again, I was having trouble liking the flavor still and I was still on the look out for a good coffee shop. In SD, there are coffee shops/little coffee huts everywhere on every corner it seems like.I made it a priority to not do franchise coffee while out of town and I really wanted to explore the city's local places.

This was from the coffee method, since I didn't get photos from any of the others.

Later that night I decided to make us dinner. We had some chicken, potatoes, salad, and some Hawaiian buns. There wasn't much to season with at the cottage so I had to make do with what I had. Which was some Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper...I did it though and it was actually very good!

We stayed up drinking wine, mimosas (because there's no perfect time for them), and then we got some much needed sleep!

Day 3 (Tuesday): We went up to our favorite burrito place up in La Jolla. I swear if I could re-create their burritos, I would be famous. They are to die for. It's called The Taco Stand!

After a much needed burrito, we went to check out the seals at La Jolla Cove. If you haven't done this while in SD, you definitely need to. You can actually get pretty close up to them without them getting startled. After the seals, we met up with one of my best friends Alicia at Mission Beach. This day was so fun. We rode the Belmont roller coaster (am I still alive guys--can't believe I made it off that thing), we walked around all the nearby shops, then we rode more wheels and bikes all the way up and down Mission Beach. It was a successful day!

For the remainder of the day, we went and checked out down town Ocean Beach and checked out Hodads for burgers and another coffee shop that was nearby. We also did some shopping too! I picked up a few cute rings for my fingers. Going full bohemian mode guys.

We just spent the rest of the day chilling----we also went to sunset cliffs for the sunset and it was just so peaceful. We sat at the top of the cliffs and just watched the waves come in and out. Even though it was cloudy, it was perfect.

The next day we packed up and headed out. Of course we had to get another burrito in the morning before we headed out. Oh and a mandatory family pedicure!

I have a vlog of our trip as well on my YouTube channel! I would love if you subscribed!

Here is my vlog!

Where are your favorite places in southern Cali to go to?

Let me know in the comments below!

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