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S'mores cookie bars

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

For my birthday I wanted something super indulgent. What do I go for? S'mores. Anything smores or birthday cake related, I am there all the way. Count me in 500 %. In all realness though, I'm so glad I decided to make these, lemme tell ya.

These are so good! Perfect alternative if you do not have a fire going for the real deal. However, it is a little more time consuming due to the dough that is needed for the grahams. But seriously, it is worth your time.

Enough of me trying to convince you that this is the best recipe of your life. Just try and let me know how it goes

As always, wet ingredients first. Easier to add in the dry ingredients!

Or you could just mound them altogether. Did I do that? Can't remember now lol.

Batter after the dry ingredients started being added in. Eat the raw dough, it is addicting and you will thank yourself for it!

So I used an aluminum pan because I had forgotten my pans at work. (as usual).

You have to save half of the dough to top the bars off!

In a pan on the side, I did find some *healthier* marshmallows to melt with some butter to hopefully turn into mallow creme. It kind of worked. They were too fluffy but honestly it wasn't hurting the recipe because its marshmallows.....too much of them doesn't hurt anyone.

The chocolate that I used below was this organic milk chocolate. Throw an organic label on it and I am all for it lol.

Top off with your last layer. They aren't pretty but who cares, they were scrumptious and definitely hit the spot!

Here is the finished product!

Drooooooolllllling BRB......

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