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Overnight oats: blewb + banana + chia

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

I feel like now that the holidays are over, I am ready to rock and roll. Like lets get this show on the road ey?

One thing about me, I am notorious for being late in the morning. I just love to stay cuddled up in my bed for way too long sometimes! "Just 5 more minutes".

Overnight oats actually helps in the breakfast department because I can just grab it and eat it right when I get to work.

Blewb stands for blueberry, btw. Idk why I feel like I have to explain that, but someone will not understando.

In addition, the fruits I used and the milk can be substituted!

I also doubled this recipe to fill up my mason jar all the way. You can keep it simple and just do the single serving.

Make sure you don't use instant oats. They should be old fashioned rolled oats. Check your oats on ewg.org to make sure you are getting your oats from good sources. A lot of testing has been done recently and weed killer has been present in even some of the so called "organic" brands.

1/3 cup of oats.

Next I added in 1 container of Siggis whole milk yogurt.

1/3 cup of whole milk or milk alternative.

2 Teaspoons of maple syrup. This is a great sweetener. So many benefits to maple syrup.

Last but not least, the chia seeds. I didn't measure, I just put a small spoonful in.

chia seeds are great for getting your omegas, high in fiber, and they are high in iron/protein/calcium.

Mix all together and store in your fridge over night.

Top off with your favorite fruit and even a dash of cinnamon. Mmm.

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