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Our favorite homemade pizzas

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

So lets talk pizza. I live with a man that was used to chicago style pizza his whole life, and he can't settle for anything less than that. We've tried so many pizza places and they never work out. It's either "The dough is too flat, its gotta be the humidity". Or its the sauce, or the flavors, etc.

Until recently.......dun dun dun.

Trader Joes has these beyond amazing pizza crusts. They are organic and KEVIN LIKES THEM.


Ever since I found these pizza crusts, I've been cooking different variations of homemade pizzas. It's been so fun and might I say, quite delicious. We have a few other favorites, but I always keep these ingredients in my fridge. You can say it is our staple!

What you'll need:

Pizza Crusts

Fontina and Gruyere Cheese

Roasted Red Peppers

Chicken or Sausage


Fresh Garlic + Olive Oil


Melted grass fed butter

Red Onion

So I like my pizzas with either a white sauce or just olive oil and garlic. As you can see below, I started with olive oil and garlic.

First I put down the spinach and then I add a layer of cheese. This was a tip from someone in a local pizza shop nearby. After, I added in the peppers, onions, dolloped pesto, meat, and all other toppings. Top with the rest of your cheese. I then take melted grass fed butter and baste the outer sides of the crusts.

Building a pizza is super easy and so easy to switch up!

What is your favorite type of pizza? Comment below!


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