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Orange chicken

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Not going to lie, Asian themed foods have always been intimidating to me. I have a hard enough time trying to find a decent restaurant nearby. It's either hole in the wall, or totally not authentic.

However, I decided to give some orange chicken a go. Totally winged it by the way, and it knocked my socks off. Seriously couldn't believe I matched the flavors that well off the bat. I guess if I'm meant to do something in this world, it's cook lol.

Anyway, I'll get to the recipe now. No more chit chat.

Wallllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! How pretty right?

This photo can either end really well, or quite scary. You choose.

In a large pan, start cooking your chicken over some oil and some salt, white pepper, and onion powder. Cook until no longer pink and has a light golden color to it. Set aside until sauce is ready.

In a pan combine red pepper flakes,salt, white pepper, onion powder, low sodium soy sauce (or coconut aminos), tapicoa starch or cornstarch, fresh garlic + ginger, fresh orange zest, rice vinegar, and juice from 3 oranges.

Mix well and let come to a simmer to thicken a bit. Add in your chicken and simmer on low for a couple of minutes. Serve with veggies or over a bed of rice.

So good! A good meatless alternative could be with cauliflower or tofu for you vegetarians!

After nailing this, I definitely am going to branch out into other food cuisines just to give it a try!


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