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Non-Toxic Skin Care Routine

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Calling all crunchy hippies! This one's for you. Or you don't have to be crunchy to like this blog post, you just have to be interested in skin care or clean beauty.

I have recently upped my game when it came to detoxifying my life. I've grown up my whole life around this thought that acclimating to a more organic lifestyle would be better for you. However I couldn't necessarily afford to live that lifestyle growing up. The one thing I always received though was essential oils ever since I was little. So now that I am older & able to make my own choices, I can enhance the knowledge I was given when I was younger and make it better.

A lot of my non-toxic skin care comes from a brand called Young Living. I am sure you've all heard of it & peoples' claims of it to be a pyramid scheme. However, all skeptics aside, I am giving you my true and transparent reviews on the products I do use by them. I would never favor information in my direction when it comes to helping others improve their lives.

You don't have to use these products out of my recommendation, but I can promise you that detoxifying your skin care or your beauty products will help you in a lot of ways. If you know better in life you will do better and that is what I am focusing on.

Skin background: I have oily/combination skin and I have a very sensitive skin type. The littlest change can affect my skin in some way. Mostly what I look for in skin care is something that is going to keep my skin hydrated, glowing, yet doesn't provide too much moisture to break me out......because trust me....I WILL break out.

I have tried countless brands from Sephora, other brands that claim to be "clean" & everything from the drugstore. I have never truly found a skincare routine that improves my skin health while taking care of my problem areas.

If you would like to read more on what I use keep reading!

First I start by taking off all of my makeup. You'd be surprised how much sits on your skin after a long day. I use this Young Living Luminous Cleansing oil. This gets off ALL my makeup and provides that extra step of cleaning. I do not use it on my eyes though because essential oils directly in your eyes do not feel good lol. However, this oil is good for cleansing and getting deep into your pores and removing all the gunk without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Now to take off my eye makeup, I use something very gentle. Pure coconut oil. I also use it with my seedlings baby wipes to remove the makeup.

If you're a mom btw, you can't go wrong with these. I personally use them for my beauty routine and will use them for when I have kids as well. Ha, multiple uses!

But that aside, these have nothing harsh for your skin and sometimes when I am too exhausted to take off my makeup fully (I know that is really bad but why lie and say I do not ever cheat the system?). These will take off a majority of my makeup when I am feeling lazy.

After my first step of cleansing, I go in with my DIY facewash. I make this with essential oils, Dr. Bronners soap, jojoba oil, & distilled water. I have a post I made where I explained how I made this.

Make your own facewash.

1-2 times a week I exfoliate. I use the Satin Mint Facial Scrub by Young living currently. It is great for gently exfoliating, but also for removing all of the gunk that can sit in your skin secretly. It has apricot seeds in it to exfoliate.

Every time after I cleanse, I make sure to tone as well. I purchase this through Amazon or at your local health food store. It has Hyaluronic Acid in it to help keep your skin young and youthful & Rose water is great overall for your complexion as well and helps remove redness and unwanted texture. I put this on a cotton pad and make sure to get anything off of my skin that is still there before I moisturize.

Last but not least, I moisturize. I am currently using Young Living's Orange Blossom moisturizer. This is great for combination or oily skin. It does not over hydrate and it has essential oils in it to keep my skin out of its problem areas. Love it.

I am always switching up my moisturizers and I really like this one.

& That is it! Still on the search for a non-toxic eye cream and different specialty skin care items. If you have any recommendations, comment below!

As always,

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