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No Bake Cookies

Are you sitting on your couch thinking...."Man, cookies sound great, but who wants to clean up after or put in all that effort to get them?". Yeah me too.

It's rainy here in AZ today and into tomorrow. Cold temps are on their way & all I am thinking about is warm or any type of comfort food. Cookies bring comfort. Cookies care.

So I just cheated the system and made a no bake cookie! Really, it's so easy.


This is all you need! I feel silly for even explaining this....but I have to...because they are THE BOMB.

In a saucepan, combine your sugar (I used coconut sugar---its unrefined and low glycemic) butter, milk, + un-sweetened cocoa powder.

When it's combined it will look like this. Now you'll add in your peanut butter and your vanilla extract.

Last but not least, you combine the melted chocolately goodness with your quick oats and voila!

Get some parchment paper or wax paper and form your cookies....well.....into cookies.

I then store mine in the fridge. Nom nom nom.

They look like those little debbie star crunch cakes....omg how good were those? I mean all little debbie cakes, c'mon.

Anyway, in celebration of fall, I am thinking about a pumpkin spice latte protein ball next! Whatcha think about that?

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