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My Oily Journey

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Some of you might be thinking, "What is this crazy lady referring to when talking about "oils"? I am a crazy hippy, oily lady and I am proud. I am proud of the wellness I am able to provide in my life through these amazing oils and products.

My oil journey began before I even knew it would. When I was younger, I remember my aunts would always use the oils on me and I just loved them. I would get so excited to go see them and to be able to use their oils. They were just so fascinating to me. I would have food poisoning or an upset stomach and all they would have to do is rub these oils on my stomach or my feet and I would be good to go. Or I would simply just get ready with my Aunt Terri and we would put Joy over our hearts for a mood boosting day. Another popular I always grew up with was Thieves, which is great for germs and sickness. I remember her telling me the back story when I was younger and using it when I thought I was getting sick and it would take it away.

It is safe to say that I have been using these oils for quite some time now and I don't plan on stopping!

So now that you have a little back story, I am going to explain why I choose to use so many Young Living products now.

I have always grown up not being fond of medicine. It takes a lot for me to even take an ibuprofen, and when I do I only usually have to take 1 for it to work. In addition, I have always had an integrative medicine mindset, or a holistic approach to health care growing up as well. I believe that there are other options rather than going straight to prescriptions or putting something toxic in our bodies. I also have grown up being super paranoid about what I put into my body. This kind of carried with me into college and I learned a lot throughout my schooling in my nutrition classes as well.

Why I choose to use oils is because they work. They work when I don't want to go the conventionally route. They work when I am paranoid of putting medicine in my body. They just simply work....and they work damn well. Regardless of what people say when they say "it's your mindset that makes them work" ; I just truly believe that they work and I have grown up witnessing so.

When I have a headache or a migraine, I grab peppermint and I massage it on my temples and head so I don't have to reach for advil or tylenol. When I have indigestion or a case of the stomach flu (back in April), all I do is rub Digize on my stomach and feet and literally it stops whatever I have in it's tracks. When I am having a bout of anxiety or a panic attack, I reach for peace and calming, lavender, or stress away and within a minute or so my heart rate slows back down. When I feel like I am getting sick, I ingest Thieves and put it on my feet and before you know it I am back to normal.

I could go on and on about testimonies. I have them all day about oils. I have them more with other oils I haven't even mentioned as well. I have testimonies from the other Young Living Products that I use as well. I could write books about these testimonies and I know there are many other people out there that could do the same.

So I would like to mention a little something. Slowly I have been switching all of the products I use over to either Young Living or to other non-toxic brands. This includes cleaners, makeup, candles, hair products, lotions, you name it. I have been doing this over the past year or so and I am noticing a drastic difference in my health. I used to wake up every morning with severe allergies. Constant phlem drainage in the back of my throat and I just resulted it to the dust in living in Arizona.

Boy was I wrong...

Once I cut out all of the cleaners I was using, tossed out all the candles I was burning, and stopped using all of the perfumes I doused my body in daily; it got better.

Once I started religiously using oils in my life in place of the products that were toxic for my body inside and out, I have been progressing.

It has actually been a wake up call for me. Researching all of the chemicals a woman puts on her body even before heading out the door. Researching that a measly thing like our makeup or our cleaners we are using could be disrupting our organ function or creating havoc on our hormones. It's pretty heavy stuff guys! & I have to say it. I feel like the reason people say they don't care because it is SO overwhelming. We also create excuses for ourselves such as "Oh everything is bad for you, why even bother". I also think people result to saying they don't care because they think that there can't possibly be a product to replace what I am using. BUT THEY ARE SO WRONG! Those of you who live, breath, sleep, sneeze clean products with me understand how wrong they are!

Now, if this isn't your thing and you don't care at all. Totally fine! I am not here to judge. I am just being my complete true and raw self and sharing why I use my "voodoo products" ( is what Kevin calls them. lol )

Now before I talk alllllll day to you guys. I am going to share some graphics with you which breaks down what some of the starter kit oils are good for! If they don't answer any of your questions, please reach out to me! I love talking about my oils. & I love sharing.

Here are all the oils that come in the starter kit. These are just the oils that come in it. The do-it-all cleaner I use is in there as well & ningxia samples!

Now, if you're wondering what this oily journey is like. I am going to show some graphics below. This goes over pricing on how much a starter kit is. Seems pretty steep for a one time purchase, but I have never met someone who bought a kit and regretted it. If anything, I meet and talk to these people who just say they have regretted not getting one even sooner than they did.

In addition to this kit, you get member pricing for life on ALL items Young Living + you get a community of just stinkin' amazing people that are there to support you and answer questions ANY TIME of the day. I have facebook groups I am plugged into that blow my mind away. We all pray for each other, answer each others' health related questions, and just provide daily support for one another. I have never met a community such as this one. I don't think I have run into one person that is sour yet (knocks on wood....there's some crazies out there...stay away lol).

Like......what a steal? I got all of that for $160 when I did??????

I love the desert mist and my next diffuser is for sure the aria! Look at that beauty!!!

I applaud you if you got through this whole post. Honestly, I am surprised I even made it through myself. Lastly, I am going to put a link below to purchase a starter kit. I am not trying to sell this to anyone. Honestly all I am doing is sharing my love for these life-changing oils and if you feel like you wanna be a part of that wellness journey, I will always provide the information on how to do so!


If you all would like a run down on what other day to day products I use through Young Living or other non-toxic brands, I would love to do so!

Let me know in the comments below!


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