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My Current Go-To Coffee Recipe

I am trying to cut back on buying coffee every day. It is sooooo expensive + I know I can make a damn good coffee. I always have cold brew ready to drink, my Ninja Coffee Bar & now I have my moka pot for fresh, rich espresso.

Coffee rituals are so special to me! I've always used drinking coffee as a way to bond with others. The older I get the more I want to keep my coffee routine at home and just enjoy every moment of it. I also enjoy the local coffee shops on my day off though and I am determined to try a new one weekly! More coming soon :)

Anywho, keep reading to know my current go to coffee recipe.

I have been making this with cold brew and with just normal brewed coffee. But I wanted something rich and strong so I purchased a moka pot from Bialetti!

I got mine on amazon as well as my manual coffee grinder. Purchase it here!

+ here!

How cute is this stinkin moka pot? It makes 1--2 oz shot. I probably should have thought about that before purchasing. I'll just have to buy the larger one next. Oh poor me! An excuse to get something else from Amazon.

This grinder is a manual one and you manually adjust how you want the grinds.

I really liked it for its first go around!

When I was at Press Coffee last weekend, I picked up their brazil blend. It is so good. It has a semi sweet note to it as well.

Grinding your beans before you brew your coffee will give you the BEST cup of coffee every time. It is so flavorful. Honestly worth the extra effort. When you buy the beans that are already ground up, you lose so much of the aroma and flavor.

For your moka pot you want to make sure you use fine ground coffee!

After that you will fill the bottom chamber of your moka pot up with filtered water. There is a bolt in every moka pot that shows you when to stop filling it up.

Then you drop this coffee filled pod in the chamber and twist on the top. The heat from the bottom on the stove will force the water to go up through the pot and through the spout. It is quite an interesting process to witness.

After that I let my coffee cool a bit. I fill up a large glass with ice pretty full and then I add in my 2 pumps of toffee nut. You can get the Starbucks toffee nut or any of their syrups at their locations if they have back ups......which they usually do.

This puts about 10 grams of sugar in your coffee which isn't bad in my opinion. Check the sugar on your favorite drinks and you will be shocked.

After my syrup I add in heavy whipping cream or half and half and then finally toss in your espresso/coffee!


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