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Instant Pot Tacos

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

My instant pot has slowly become my best friend. I am new to this instant pot world but I am totally loving it and I am no longer having to stress about dinner being done on time. You guys, this thing can cook everything & quick too!

Pork was on the lineup this week. This recipe is great for a lot of tacos for all of our football days we have coming up!

This recipe was a huge hit in my house, I don't even think I had leftovers. Everyone kept coming back for more!

So you'll start off with a loin, shoulder, or butt of the piggy! You can even do less than I used. I just wanted to make a lot of pork for leftovers. Do yourself a favor and cut in half because this will not fit in your instant pot.

***For crockpot lovers.....use same recipe but cook low for 8-10 hours or high for 4-6 hours***

I seasoned with these fellas up above. I didn't add extra salt because you'll use regular sodium chicken broth.

The last little trick I added is this 21 Seasoning Salute by #TraderJoes.

When does Trader Joes ever let us down? NEVER!

1 1/2 cups of OJ....check.

Same amount of chicken broth as OJ!

I always say, you can never have enough garlic :)

Juice of dos limos......my spanish is excellent.

My piggy is soaking up all that deliciousness. Gluttony.....?

So since I am a beginner to this instant pot stuff. I use the cooking guideline that comes along with the purchase. It really does help. It's amazing what happens when you read directions dontcha know? (Minnesota accent coming out...)

My book told me 30-40 minutes. But I had to cook it another 15 for it to be done all the way.

Prep time! Red onions add some color. + Of course....how do I forget my beloved cilantro? I met a guy once that hated cilantro. I kicked him.

In addition, I made my slaw.. I will do a separate post on the slaw soon.

It just seems kind of pointless to post about.

I don't measure the sour cream or the seasoning, I just taste it till it tastes good.

My prep station. This was the presentation taco that my friend Colleen ate. She got the lucky taco! All purrrrrty and balanced.

The rest of us completely overloaded our tacos...you know the "right" way?

By the way, I only use certain tortillas because of all the crap I found in my regular tortillas I was buying. Read your ingredients folks...you'll be shocked.

Make sure your seal your meat in an airtight container if you have any leftovers.

Yay taco time!!!!

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