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Honey Lime Chicken Marinade

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Oh boy guys. I have not been on here in a hot minute! So much has been going on. Between vacay to cali with my family (post coming soon) + packing and moving...I just haven't had time to document cooking. In fact I haven't been cooking at all really! Now we are getting all settled in to our new home and I am able to start whipping things up in the kitchen!

Today I am going to share this recipe that I have curated thanks to Young Living for helping me out with it. I am using one of the vitality essential oils to marinate this chicken. It is THE BOMB.

What you'll need for this marinade:

3-4 to 1 cup of avocado oil (I just poured and measured per usual)

1/2 cup of low sodium soy sauce or coconut aminos

Ground mustard, garlic powder, and fresh garlic

1 tablespoon of local honey (I had to warm mine up first and let it cool so it was runny in consistency)

3-4 drops of lime essential oil

Yes these essential oils are okay for you to ingest! The vitality line is made purely for ingesting and is already pre-diluted if needed! In addition, you want to make sure that the oils you do ingest are of the highest purity. I trust Young Living's purity.

So I let this marinade sit all day at work and then I put it to the test when I got home!

It was delish!!

Paired is orzo cooked in bone broth and some organic zucchini squash!

Ah I missed posting on here. I know this is a short post but I have my review of my vacation still pending in my drafts LOL. Work with me here.


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