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Homemade Poptarts

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

*Shamefully peaks in through your computer screen* "Hey guys, haven't posted on here in a while; how's it going?"

That's right, I shamefully am here saying hello...cannot believe I haven't made a post in such a long time! Life gets busy, and I am trying this new thing on not saying sorry so much and saying thank you more. So thank you if you frequently read my blog for putting up with my absence!

No one should have to say sorry for being busy anyway. We got lives over hurrrrrrrr.

Anyway, I made these really good homemade poptarts the other morning and I thought I would grace your inbox with them!

In all seriousness, the OG pop tarts will always be THE best though. Not going to lie to you and be like, "oh yeah hey guys my poptarts are way better". There just a healthier alternative. Next up on my list is figuring out how to make ramen taste like Maruchan ramen. I know you will all agree there.

So these aren't fully homemade because I used pre-made dough. But its whatever, don't judge me, you're still creating these little pastries!

I used Immaculate pie crusts for this recipe. It's one of the best pie crusts ingredient wise that I have found that actually tastes good! I rolled out both pie crusts and cut the edges off and saved that for other baking later on.

Put a piece of parchment paper down underneath and line both dough pieces next to each other like so.

Next, cut the pieces into equal 3's. There should be 6 total!

Place a dollop of your favorite preserve on each square. I get raspberry from trader joes! Make sure it is something with no added sugars of course.

Smush them all together, creating 3 poptarts!

I delicately pressed the outer edges together. After this you'll take a fork and make imprints around the outside edges as well.

Bake in a preheated oven (at 400) for around 10-15 minutes or so. Ovens vary.

While that is cooking up, mix together some coconut butter, maple syrup (choose how much depending on how sweet), & Madagascar vanilla flavor

Drizzle over your poptarts after they are done and enjoy!

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