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Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Ahh, good ol' pot pie. I grew up eating those freezer marie calendar chicken pot pie's from time to time & I thought after a long day at work, I needed me some comfort food! This homemade chicken pot pie is stupidly easy and you will have leftovers for days! Not going to lie, this is my first time attempting this beauty, and if I can master it in my first try....so can you :)

I promise I am not this fancy all the time. Say thanks to Hobby Lobby for the faux greenery!

Thou shall attempt chicken pot pie & thou shall enjoy.

Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees & if your oven takes forever just like mine, you'll be able to cook everything in no time! Lol.

First things first, you'll want to make your chicken. I used olive oil over a skillet and made two decent sized breasts. You will have to chop up the breasts into chunks to put into the mix later.

In the meantime, you will start cooking your veggie, pot pie mix!

You will mix your olive oil and 20 oz of mixed veggies into a large saute pan & let those cook down for a few minutes. Next you'll add your flour which will help the sauce thicken when you add in your chicken broth and cream.

Speaking of which...get a saucepan and start warming on the side.

Next part is super easy, you just combine the sauce pan of chicken broth and half and half and add it to your veggie mix. You'll want to make sure you have a little bit of time to stand by your stove because you'll be mix mix mixin'!!

Before you do that, make sure to say hi to your furry friends. They'll be sad you aren't paying enough attention to them.....Que kitty photos!

Say hi to Nala and Tigs!

Meet Tigs, he's extra needy & he smells chicken!

This is Nala. She's annoying & she is patiently awaiting some noms. Just like her momma.

Alright, back to cooking.

Like I was saying, mix.....mix.....mix

Next stop, add the chicken! Cut your breasts into cubes (not literally....) and add to the veggie/pot pie mixture. More mixing needed & throw in your seasoning. I do not measure, I just use taste to figure out what works best!

This becomes the tricky part. Making it all fit into your dish and making it presentable. You can attempt to make it look pretty like I did, & then you can give up half way through because you're hungry and lazy now.

Make sure you wrap your crust in tin foil so your crust doesn't get burnt. This is important! You will bake for the first 20 minutes like this and then the rest of the time without the foil.

Ta-Da!! All done.

You have conquered the pie.

I recommend this recipe for anyone. Promise it is not as intricate as it seems. Maybe one day I'll chop up my veggies from scratch and make it 10x harder for me. JK that won't happen. Hope you all enjoyed this delectable pot pie! Snuggle up with your sweetie or your furbabies, turn on a good movie/show, and enjoy!

Till next time.


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