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Do it all cleaner

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

A do-it-all cleaner seems impossible right? Well I have your solution. This cleaner I make from my Thieves cleaning solution is so easy it's stupid! It should be illegal how well this cleans + I am saving money and doing no harm in the process. Look ma!!! Am I adulting the right way now?

#thievescleaner #allnatural #diy

In Arizona its pretty easy to have allergies with the dust alone. By tossing all of my other cleaners out for something non-toxic has helped me tremendously. I no longer wake up with stuffy noses & I am not sneezing half as much. In all fairness I have cut a lot of other toxic things out of my house as well but we will get to that later.

I promise you on everything I have that this cleaner can clean anything. Caked on mess on the stove? Got it. Gross toilets? Yup. Counter-tops, floors, stains in carpet, stains in clothes, windows, mirrors, walls, ANYTHING.

You can use any bottle you want to store your cleaner in. I prefer these amber bottles from amazon.

All you need is 1 capful : full bottle of water & then you are done! & I'll have this solution for MONTHS until I run out :)

Here is a quick video of me making it, HERE!

If you are curious how I purchase this solution to make my cleaner, DM me and I can help you out.

Make sure you don't spill your cleaner all over your counter like I did...Just call me grace.

Happy cleaning!


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