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DIY Wreath

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

I just love getting crafty. Breaking out my inner Pinterest girl, just a heads up!

I figured we have Christmas around the corner *screams of excitement*, and I wanted to give everyone an easy, affordable way to make their own wreaths.

I love the minimalist look, and that is what I was going for here. You can switch it up with different greenery and accessories. It is completely customizable!

Some things you will need:

1 wire wreath

Greenery of choice (I was going for bay leaves and cranberries)

Wreath wire

Clippers (ones that can cut wire)

Patience (lol)

So, silly me forgot to start the photos when I didn't have anything on the wreath because I was doing Instagram stories.

So we will start here and I will explain!

So I already started attaching my leaves. I attached the main parts of them to these bar areas below.

As you can see, I take part of the branch and attach it with a wire. All you do is wrap it around and make sure that it is tight. Here is a photo of how long of wire I use.

Now you just wrap it all the way around until it is filled for the most part.

Keep in mind, this is time consuming! But once you start, you gotta finish. Or else it will sit on your counter or in a spare room and before you know it, it is Easter.

So as you can see, I filled it up for the most part. Now the trickier part is going in to the spare spots and adding in little bits of greenery. You want it to look full. A good tip is to hold it up like you are hanging it to see if there are any loose ends as well.

Now once it is full, you can go through and add in other accessories if you want. I chose cranberries, But you can do ribbon, bells, etc.

& There you have it! A beautiful, DIY wreath! Super simple, and everything was 50 % off as always at Hobby Lobby. Could anyone else live there?


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