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DIY Facewash-Saying goodbye to normal facewash

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Washing your face is not luxurious, it is actually super tedious and you get water everywhere. What are all those commercials thinking making those ladies look so fabulous?

To be honest, I have always struggled finding good face washes that actually get rid of my blemishes and control my oil, redness, bumps, + everything in between. It either is so strong it irritates the crap out of your skin, or it just doesn't work. Not to mention, the amount of chemicals we're putting onto our largest organ....our skin. Yikes, when I started doing research of all the things I used on my face I was shocked.

Switching to a more simplistic routine has allowed me to control all of my issues and prevent them in the first place. A lot of my skin care now involves anything non-toxic or I choose to use a lot of Young Living oil products to help me out as well. My skin has never been better. It is nice finding that balance.

Say hello to less breakouts, less fine lines, improved moisture levels, + say hello to a natural glow.

I am so grateful I ran into this concoction while researching more into the oils I use.

Totally worth every penny.

I used:

Jojoba oil (as long as its pure, you can really choose any) | 1 teaspoon

Dr Bronner's Pure Castile Soap (Baby Unscented kind) | 1/2 cup

Lavender oil | 5-7 drops

Frankincense oil | 5-7 drops

Lemon | 5-7 drops

Distilled or boiled water | just enough to fill the rest of the bottle.

**Therapeutic grade oils should be used. No oils bought from the store that are not therapeutic grade will work efficiently in this recipe.***

Jojoba neutralizes your pH of your skin + it is great for skin that is oily. Jojoba is the closest oil to your natural sebum that you excrete from your skin!

Lavender is an anti-inflammatory. Will help with redness + bumps. In addition, it is a great toner in the fact it is great for moisture, dark circles and acne.

Lemon helps with age spots, improves brightness in facial tone, + is an antibacterial.

Frankincense is anti-aging, helps smooth texture of skin, rejuvenates skin, removes blemishes, + soothes irritations.

Do I need to say more?

So the process is super hard and aggressive. I don't know if you will make it out alive after making this one......

Literally all you do is mix everything together in a foaming pump dispenser.

That is it. Took me less than 5 minutes.

There are a lot of great benefits to this face wash. Love love love this stuff. At the end of the day, I am spending less than I was if I were going to go buy my facewash at Sephora + I know what is in my facewash now which makes me very happy!

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