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DIY Candle Decor

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

My inner Pinterest is screaming guys. If you don't like d-i-y projects I don't know if we can be friends.....just kidding...hand that project over to me!

I love these candles because they are versatile and you can use them for more than just Christmas decoration. I originally made these for that reason but they are so simple and minimalist that you can use them year round!

You will need a few things:

-Wire Cutter (or clippers)

-Greenery of choice (I used bay leaf look-a likes) (same stuff from my wreath)

-Plain candles

-Ribbon of choices (non satin kind)

First you will want to cut your ribbon to where it can fit around the candle and then some. You want to cut it and give it some length to tie it tightly.

So all you are going to do is cut your greenery/leaves into single pieces like so. Essentially all you are doing is lining them around the candle and then tying the ribbon to keep it snug.

You'll want to have patience with this because sometimes the leaves will fall out until you get it tied. I tied it like this and then I started sliding in the leaves around it while I held the tie tight with my other hand.

Once you have all your leaves under the ribbon, make sure it is snug and tie the final bow like so. <----(I am just dr. seuss over here)

Aren't these adorable! I currently have them on my kitchen island with a super simple rod iron house decoration and some coasters. Sometimes simple is better guys.

Candles (set of 3 at Walmart for $7.97)

Ribbon (Walmart for $.97)

Greenery (bought at hobby lobby for 50% off) I bought them with my Christmas haul which can be seen in my home highlight on my Instagram stories!

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