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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

I think we can all agree that not very many people gave you the tips and the what-to-do's when it came to supplements and nutrition when growing up. If you did, good for you and whoever raised you.

However, I grew up on comfort food and I rode that struggle bus many times! Throughout college I took many classes revolving around nutrition & found out ways intuitively that made my body feel at its best through food and supplements here and there.

Some of my favorite things to read are people's current routines, or their favorites in life. So here are my favorite supplements I take!

Now I don't take everyone of these every day because you would go over your intake of vitamins and other nutrients. I'll break them down one for one for ya!

Every morning I take a 2 oz shot of my Ningxia Red. This is something you purchase through Young Living. This stuff has changed my life. No joke. I used to crash in the afternoon every day but now I am good to go through the evening. My hormones have slowly started stabilizing, my anxiety is slowing diminishing, + I overall feel better when I take this.

If you don't know about Ningxia Red, it is a wolfberry drink + essential oils that are good for literally everything your body has. It is so high in antioxidants and it helps remove oxidative stress in your body. Make those cells normal again!!

If ya'll want to ever know more about Young Living and how I get my products, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. If you ever want to start your own oily journey, I promise you won't regret it. Check it out here

I usually get the powdered version and drink my calm drink. However, Kevin hates the tastes and loves these gummies even more. I have not heard one bad thing on this magnesium supplement.

Magnesium (Mg) is a co factor in more than 300 chemical reactions in the body. & most of us do not consume enough. Deficiencies create problems that can lead to hypertension, cancer, atherosclerosis, & diabetes. In addition, it is great for your muscles if you work out. It is a necessary electrolyte in our bodies.

You can purchase these on amazon or Sprouts is where I got them. Any local health food store.

I am loving that pro-biotics are making a huge wave in the health industry. When I was a little kid, my aunt would feed me acidophilus like candy lol. Your immune system lives in your gut guys. If you haven't realized that now, go buy yourself a quality pro-biotic and thank me later. Safe to take daily!

I take this 1-2 a week because I do eat a lot of food (especially yogurt) that contains live bacteria in it.

I got this Garden of Life brand at Sprouts. Available at Whole Foods or any local health food store.

Let's talk your OMEGA's.

Omega-3 & Omega-6 are the well known. However.....

DHA and EPA are necessary fatty acids that we need in our bodies to help with many different aspects. We cannot synthesize these ourselves. It can only be obtained through supplements or certain fish and foods.

Now I don't know about you, but I don't eat fatty fish daily, or other foods daily that contain my omega's and my DHA and EPA. This supplement by Nutragen my best friend actually got me hooked on. NO fishy aftertaste and it's coming from an acupuncturist's recommendation. This stuff has ALL good reviews. I can't find one bad one.

I don't take this daily. Every couple of days or so.

I purchased mine through the Nutragen website.

Lastly, I have a woman's daily vitamin that I try to take every other day at least. I have a hectic schedule where I know i am not getting all of my necessary vitamins just in case if ya'll are wondering if I am going overboard :p

I've tried dozens of daily vitamins and these seem to be the only ones that don't weigh me down, don't upset my stomach, etc. It's made with whole foods too so I know it's not that synthetic crap. This company is actually great and you can go to their website and see how they make these, step by step! Go MegaFood!

I purchased these at my local health food store...per ushhhhh.

Now, of course all of these supplements might not work for you. But my best advice is to listen to your body. Intuitively nourish your body and do what works best for YOU!

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