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Crockpot Queso

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Football season is upon us! I can just smell the beer, fantasy leagues, + snacks! Most of the time on football Sunday, none of us have time to whip up a huge meal for everyone, so we just snack on appetizers throughout the day. Now keep in mind, this isn't just for football season, you can make this delicious queso any time of the day, night, week.....heck I made it on a Tuesday randomly.

This queso will for sure please anyone. I mean it's cheese, do I have to say more? God forgive me for my gluttony.

What you'll need!

- Cheese, cheese cheese (buy out the whole store)

- Cream cheese

- Sour Cream

- Whole Milk

- Canned tomatoes/green chiles

- Crock pot

Cube all of your cheeses so they combine more. Do not use low fat cheeses. The queso will turn out all weird and grainy. I'll make a post one day soon why you need fat in your diet.

I used Pepperjack & Monterrey jack. I skipped out on the white cheddar because I wanted it for my crackers for work. I'm so selfish :(

Cheese party!!!! Add all your cheeses. Including your cream cheese block.

Do do a dollop of daisy!

Whole milk helps the consistency and makes it nice and creamy. Are you drooling yet?

Living, breathing, sneezing, loving this mixture. Add in your drained canned tomatoes and green chiles.

Now all you have to do is put on low (so the cheese doesn't burn) and stir as it cooks.

Soon enough you'll have the best queso! Who said you had to go out to a restaurant to get this good stuff?

Final recommendations: Sit on your couch, your porch, your car, in a tree, anywhere......with a bag of chips and indulge.

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