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Crock Pot Pork Roast

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Fall is calling to me. "Skye, even though it's 100 degrees out, wear your sweaters, booties, & make a crap ton of warm, heavy, fall inspired meals...you won't regret it".

As I am sweating in my booties + cute sweaters while making a pot roast I think I am actually regretting it lol. When will the scorching temps end?

I mustered up the courage to make a pot roast. While very delicious, this is better on a cold, chilly night. If you live in a colder area, feel free to give this a go! For all you Arizonians, lets wait 2 more months sadly :(

One thing I love about crock pot meals is how easy they are. If I were to invent any kind of kitchen gadget, it would have been this one. This person was LAZY & I love every bit of it. Thanks crock pot man/woman.

Start with your roast skin side up + season away!

I actually added more than what's showing + a little bit of Mrs. Dash pot roast seasoning packet will help do the trick as well.

As seen above!!

Then you slowly add in all your veggies surrounding it. They will absorb all of that seasoning you are putting into the roast.

After you season and add the veggies, pour in your container of chicken stock and set your time to cook. Go to work, run your errands, go back to bed....you know whatever you gotta do.

This is a great week night meal. You can save the leftovers and bring to work or have for lunch the next day at home :)

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