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Cold Brew

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

I wish I had something more witty and cool to say other than "Cold Brew"....but in all reality, there's not much more to say. It's coffee people. We might as well be sticking an IV of it in our arms everyday. We're all addicted. #givememorecaffeine

However, Starbucks is really expensive (even though I have hacked the system to ordering a great coffee for cheap). Making my own cold brew helps me save some money and have great coffee at home or on the go. One batch will stay good in the fridge for up to 2 weeks in an a pitcher or air sealed container.

The first time I went and made the cold brew I needed to go buy a strainer. No cheesecloth is needed like they say everywhere on Pinterest. I just used paper towels so you can too!

So the first thing you will want to worry about is your roast. Go for dark roasts or even ones with earthy or smoky notes to it. If you cannot decide on a roast, just go pick up a can of cafe bustelo! UBER cheap and coffee tastes great :)

Depending on how you like your cold brew you can start off with this method. I have a 2-3 quart container. So you always want 2:1 coffee grounds to water ratio.

This round pictured I used 1 1/2 cups of grounds and 2 quarts of water. The batch was a little weak. Next time I used a whole bag of coffee to make it stronger which I suggest. + I still used 2-3 quarts. Much better!

Add your grounds to a container. I use these metal bowls that came in a set with lids and matching colanders for a good deal at #SamsClub. However I can't find them on the website so we're SOL or they stopped selling this set. WAH, sad day I know. I am sure Costco or Sams has a great replacement set somewhere.

Next add in your filtered water. Make sure it is filtered. If you do not have filtered water, boil it first, let it cool, then add. Remember, more coffee ratio compared to water.

Mix it, mix it good! All your grounds will eventually float to the bottom after soaking, but we will worry about that later.

The fridge does all your work. Give it a hug. Thank you fridge for making my cold brew.

Store it in the fridge over night for 12-24 hours. The longer you leave it the richer it will be. I did over night-12 hours because I don't have time to not have coffee.

So when you wake up bright eyed and bushy-tailed, your cold brew will be calling to you. Take your strainer and put it over a new bowl or over the container you will be storing it in. I've seen people use cereal containers (plastic ones), however, this process can be messy so I grab another bowl to drain the cold brew.

Paper towel goes in the strainer and I slowly pour the mixture into the strainer over the 2nd bowl until all of the coffee | water mixture is gone.

Your grounds eventually will need a good pushin'. I take a spoon at the very end and make sure that every ounce of that delicious cold brew has been savored.

When you're done straining, store it in the fridge and boom! I like to add ice, a dash of heavy whipping cream because I am naughty + Monin simple syrup. I purchase mine at World Market....my favorite place in le world.

Ain't she purrrrrrty?

I'm thinking of coffee recipes as I am typing this...nom nom nom.

More over-caffeination in the future.

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