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Cleaning Recipes

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

I get a lot of questions in regards to my cleaning recipes and how I manage to keep a clean house while living non-toxic. I got you covered with this post.

Believe it or not, you do not need to use conventional cleaning products to get all the yuck out of your house and keep it clean. You don't need conventional bleach to disinfect either!

The cleaners I will go over are:

-My multipurpose cleaner

-Bleach I use in my home (yes I make it)

-Toilet bowl cleaner

Multipurpose Cleaner:

Okay, so this is my do it all cleaner. Purchasing this cleaner was an absolute no brainer. It is completely non toxic and cleans literally everything, in addition to strengthening your immune system.

-Completely safe around kids (only need to drink water if ingested)

-Cleans mirrors and glass flawlessly

-Carpet cleaner

-Stain remover

-Kitchen, Bath, + Floors

-Disinfectant **was studied by universities compared to other cleaners and beat all other conventional cleaners when it came to the microbiology reports**

-Smells like freaking Christmas

All I do is take a glass spray bottle (I got mine off of amazon), fill one cap-ful of cleaner and pour into the bottle. THAT'S IT.

Sometimes I add in lemon oil or purification which helps with smelly stuff.

Now if you want to purchase this for yourself, it is only available for members. Well, just kidding...you can buy it, its just a big price comparison. I will show my link below. This link starts your process for becoming a member! If you choose to not be a member but still want to purchase, I will include a separate link. If you all have any questions on becoming a member of young living, I will gladly answer any questions.

*Keep in mind that even if you become a member there are no commitments to anything. A lot of companies will make you enroll in a monthly program or membership, but it is not required through young living.*

More information on a membership

Just a link to the cleaner

Homemade Bleach

You might ask, if my thieves cleaner disinfects...why would I need bleach? Well because my name is Skye and I have paranoia when Kevin makes boy messes in his bathroom. Yes he has his own bathroom, I just can't take him sometimes LOL. Like you stay on your half of the house, I'll stay on mine!

I add 1 cup of peroxide | 20 drops of lemon | Fill the remainder up with water.

So. Simple. + Completely non toxic.

Make sure you use glass bottles though, because these oils are potent and you want the best use out of them!

**Peroxide will stain clothes just like bleach**

Toilet Cleaner:

There is not much to this cleaner. All I use is my thieves cleaner and then I pour baking soda in the toilet bowl. Baking soda will refresh the bowl and help you scrub all the yuck off too.

That's it guys! That is all I use to clean my house. Switching over to non-toxic cleaner has helped my hormones and most of all, our immune systems and allergies.

If you know better, do better.


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