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Chicken Noodle Soup

Here in AZ it's hitting 80's during the day. Real cold guys. I'm about to break out 2 of my parkas, put my knee high boots on, & find my new favorite hot Starbucks drink.

But in all realness, since I can't get fall weather, I'll be damned if I don't start the fall food train. So today I am talking to you about my chicken noodle soup! This soup is filled with flavor, nutrients, + it gives you a few lunches for the work week. Can I get an amen?

All you need is a crock pot or instant pot. I slow cooked everything so it would have extra flavor. However, you'll see in my photos I started out cooking the broth and veggies in my crock pot but then moved into the steam pot. I did this to perfectly cook my noodles & I didn't have enough space in my crock pot. So if you have a very large crock pot, go for it. Otherwise use a large pan on the stove or an instant pot.

First thing I cooked was the chicken breasts. I purchased 3 very large breasts and cooked on slow cook in my instant pot for about 5 hours. I cooked it in some chicken broth....about 1/2 a container of chicken broth. It cooked them to perfection.

It should be very easy to shred! If it's not, its probably not fully cooked yet.

The instant pot is great because you don't open it up and it just keeps all that steam in there.

Next you'll chop all of your veggies. Feel free to add in more veggies than this, or less to your liking. The great thing about soup is that it is SO customizable.

I used the basics, celery, onion, carrot, & garlic.

I look back on this photo and think.....what was I thinking? I wasn't even considering the amount of broth or chicken OR noodles to be added....goodness gracious.

OK so important......make sure you have all of your veggies into the RIGHT size pan/crockpot/instant pot. Because otherwise this next step will be quite the b*tch. Sorry for my language, I speak the truth.....so yeah I'm actually not sorry.

In the right size pan lol.....gaaaaahhhh.....add in your broth. This crock pot could only fit 2 of these. So that is when I transferred it and added an additional 2 more containers of broth.

See, now I had more than enough room for noodles! Everything is mixed together at this point. But you'll want to get the broth warmed up. I put it on low so it can really soak in the flavor. In addition, I added in some fresh parsley & some more seasonings to spice it up a bit since I used low sodium.

In addition, I added in onion powder, garlic powder, & my 21 seasoning from Trader Joes. Any italian seasoning or general seasoning will work as well. Make sure you taste everything so it does not get over-seasoned. I let the soup slow cook for about 2 hours or so.

My last step is to add in the noodles. I did not add these in till about 1 hour before serving because your noodles will get soggy if you let them sit all day. Keep in mind that the right type of noodle is necessary. Please use egg noodles!!

Here is a very artistic photo of my soup. Just look at it sitting there.

This soup was so good, I spent zero time wasted when eating it. I actually took this photo 1 day later due to I was so happy to eat my soup I totally forgot about presenting it.

What are some fall recipes you would like to see?

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