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Chicken N'Peaches

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Happy #weeklytaco! These tacos make me want to sing a song about peaches. Millions of peaches...la la la la. These surpassed all of my expectations + I am SO stoked I ventured and made these.

This was probably the most responsible thing I did all week besides going to work, don't worry....I'll pat myself on the back for ya'll.

Aren't these peaches purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty? Make sure you pick out peaches that are soft but not so much where they are over-ripe. I always buy organic, but do whatever works best for you....go on with ya bad self.

**Avoid eating all the peaches before you finish the salsa**

After the peaches came the jalapenos, the red onion + the tomato.

I used 3 peaches, 1/2 of a medium to large red onion, 1 jalepeno, and 2 roma tomatoes.

After your salsa is good to go, you'll want to start on the meat. As you can see, I used chicken, but I cooked it a little different than usual for these tacos.

Before I started my meat, I threw some slaw in the fridge.

Sour Cream + Jalapeno salt, garlic, onion powder, cumin + coleslaw mix.

Make sure you always taste the sour cream before adding in your coleslaw because flavor is key.

Oil up your skillet.

Season your meat and cook it up!

So I cook until a nice carmelly brown is on the chicken. I think what made this dish in addition to the salsa was that I chopped up the chicken and then re-heat it like you would with carnitas. This helped give a little more flavor and there is just something about the size of the chicken that made it go well with peaches.

Do I make sense? It's okay if I don't lol.....someone is bound to understand my madness.

IMPORTANTE. Make sure you put in a table spoon of butter, give or take (you can never use enough butter). I use grass-fed butter because it is better for you, for the cows, + it has way more of the nutrients you need than regular butter.

Oh baby this added the flavor to the next level. Crispy goodness.

I looked at my taco, too lazy to plate it pretty and was like "eh, this is good enough". Do not judge me, it was 9 PM and I was starving. Who cares about pretty photos, its the flavor that counts!

Well that's it! Super easy. I'll probably cook a lot of easy tacos in my opinion. Who has time to complicate it. Tacos to the tummy as fast as we can!

If you have any other recommendations on next week's taco, let me know!

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