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Carnita + Jalapeno Crema

Tonight I made the best tacos ever to have graced my tummy. I have no words. I am not sure if it was the pre-marinating pork shoulders, the jalapeno crema, or the fact that I just got done working out and was starving. I think a combination of all three?

I cheated with the pre-packaged pork. However, I did add orange juice and I kept it realistic for all you busy bee's out there. Life happens and sometimes its easier to just grab the easy route. These pork shoulders from Frys are actually very decent in ingredients as well.

If you want to know how I made the world's best tacos, keep reading...

So one was not enough for me so I used two lol. I just really like leftovers...like lets be real, I am not getting up early to make a sandwich for myself in the morning.

I just used the rest of the orange juice that I had. So like 16 oz?

Citrus really helps bring out the flavors in meat, FYI.

So next, you'll go to work, shop, or occupy yourself for honestly 8-12 hours. I put this on at 7:30 am on low. Went to work from 9-6. Then worked out for an hour and came home and it was perfection. Literally falling apart. The juice combines with the seasoning and you have yourself a crock-pot of deliciousness.

Next comes the jalapeno crema. Ingredients listed above!

I took all the seeds out because I can be a wimp at times. Then I halved the jalapenos. 4 to be exact.

Add the juice of 1 lime!

Throw in a bulbs buds of garlic. (I chopped up a bit)

I know apple cider vinegar seems weird, but it adds some necessary acidity to the crema. Psh, look at me sounding like a judge on Master Chef.

Next is your cilantro and sour cream! I put enough cilantro to fill to the top. Roughly 2 cups or so?


Last step is chopping up some onions and some limes and assemble le tacos! Honestly you can add more toppings but it doesn't need it at all. The pork is SO tender and the crema adds in some flare and spice. Of course the onions are always necessary like who doesn't love onions?

Until next taco,

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