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Cap'n Crunch Berry Krispies

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

The fun thing about rice krispies is they are not limited to rice krispies. You can use lucky charms, peanut butter cap'n crunch, fruit loops.....or my favorite.....cap'n crunch berries!

These are a staple in my family. My dad and 2nd momma make them religiously. She's a teacher and apparently the teachers and students think they are a hit as well.

Every time I bring these to work, people go crazy!

Keep reading for a super easy, delicious 5-10 minute treat :)

That's right peeps, it only takes 4 items. I'm a cheap date night and a cheap dessert maker. All about those deals!

Make sure you use a very large pan. It's just way easier than transferring to a bowl or separate pan. You can make everything in this pan then transfer to your setting pan!

Slowly add in your marshmallows!

No need to measure this, just a couple of swishes....remember when I said I sometimes don't use measurements?

Make sure you use a wooden spoon or a silicone spoon so the cereal doesn't really stick to the spoon.

Once all the marshies and the butter are all combined, add in your cereal and mix mix mix.

Sometimes I just eat it straight out of the pan.

I use a glass pan because it works best for setting the krispies.

*cue trumpet* ba da da da! They look as good as they taste. These are great for every occasion. I'll probably set these out on the counter, eat 3/4 of it and then make more for work lol.

To be honest, I am not providing you the most healthy treat.....however life is all about balance. So you know what, enjoy these without any regrets.


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