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Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Ahh, good ol' Amazon. Nowadays you don't even need to leave your house to shop. Makes me feel stinking lazy but gosh do I love it! I decided to put together a bunch of my favorite items I have ordered through amazon so maybe you can love them too!

*** Disclaimer *** I recommend all these items to anyone. Will they work for you? Hopefully, however everyone has different personal preferences :)

LOL to my wish list.

Anyway, this massager is amazing. I got my Dad and Momma hooked onto this. Listen I come from a family of comfort. We prefer comfort over style......so yeah. If you come over to my house I am bound to make you feel comfy!

It comes with like 8 million heads for different parts of your body too.

You can get this here

TMI time. Ingrown hairs suck. I said it, and I don't care. This razor rocks. I have not once had one since I started using this. You can use it wet or dry as well! Here.

So when it comes to bedding, blankets, pillows....I am a comfy snob. Sue me. I love my comfy jams!

This duvet goes perfect in our bedroom and it fits great on our california king size bed. Which by the way, this bed is soooooo nice. I will link it here. I recommend it 9000%.

Speaking of bedding, if you are looking for a REAL down comforter for a duvet.....this one is the way to go. I am all about a good deal. I research hours and hours before making any purchases like this and I will recommend this. Down Comforter here.

If you need a great mirror to do your makeup in, but you don't want to spend a million dollars on it, you will love this one! It has great lighting, battery operated, + there is a zoom up option along with regular side as well. You can buy it here.

You guys, I scrolled all the way back to my 2016 orders for this. This Theracane is amazing. I first found out about this item when I used to work at Massage Envy. This thing is great for pressure points and getting out knots in your back. Definitely recommend. You can get this here.

I have converted everyone in my life over to this coffee machine. One person left to go, my mom. I don't think she will be able to figure it out though....sorry mom I love you, I can help you!!!

But seriously, this coffee machine is the best one I have ever owned. Great for my iced coffees or those specialty coffee drinks we all love. Move over starbyyyy. Convert today for only $148.99. This machine is way more than I bought it for, that's how you know it is good. I bought it for about $90 at the time. I am sure there are some sales out there somewhere. Buy it here.

Who needs to spend a car payment on headphones you only listen to music for?....

We all buy because of brands, we all know it. It's the "cool" thing to do. However, I don't need to be cool so I bought these. I can't hear anyone when I wear these at the gym + they hold a very long charge. Love love love. Get ya groove on here.

Another massager. I promise I am not weird lol. But these are great! I even keep one at work, go ahead and judge me. If you have a headache these promote blood flow in your scalp which de-constricts your little veinys. I know this because of all my doctor schooling ya know :P.

But really you should invest in these.

So if you don't know, I am a hippy. I use essential oils, I make my own cleaner, + I try to live a cleaner, more organic life. You don't have to, but I choose to.

Anyway, these are great for your homemade cleaners, or whatever you choose to use them for. Here.

I should be a spokes person for these pillows. I am going to scream from every mountain top how great they are! #CoopHomeGoods created literally the best pillow in the world. It is adjustable with the filling to so you can add more to it or lessen it depending on your comfort level. I have bought probably over 20 pillows now looking for the right one, and my search stopped here. Thank you pillow!

Sleep good here.

Meow meow meow...kitty approved! This one is for all the people out there who can confirm that their cats are a**holes. Just like mine. See, my cat tigger likes to push his food bowl around and cry till he gets his way. I got so sick of slipping on water every 5 minutes that I had to find a solution. This one is it!

If you're still using a regular mop, you do you boo boo. However, most of us have converted to steam mopping. I will never buy another steam mop until one surpasses this one. Thank you Bissell! Mop away!!

Throw all your other vacuums out and spend the money on this one. I researched for days, hours, weeks, for the perfect vacuum for not only hard flooring, but for carpet too. Shark takes it away with this. It swivels so nice, picks up literally everything...including pet hair! Debris does not shoot out backwards on your hard flooring either which is AMAZING. Super easy to clean out as well. I can't say enough.

Get yo clean on here.

You thought I was half way done, not even close.....sorry guys this post is a doozy.

If you work out at home, you need resistance bands. They're weight, without the weight. Love these.

Everyone and their mom loves using this at my house. It gets allllll the knots out. I could fall asleep every time using this. So affordable too + it heats up! More comfiness coming your way!

Ch ch check it out.

I don't go anywhere without my hydroflask. Not only am I not using plastic, but my water stays ice cold for over 24 hours. I can leave it in 117 degree weather in my car and the ice will still be in there after 12 hours. We can't live without them in our household.

Stay hydrated!

Shout out to my boss for getting me hooked on this. My posture has improved significantly. + Its super fun to sit on! Now, this isn't for everyone as you can tell by the reviews. However, I am giving you my approval on this one.

Bouncy bounce.

Are you a sunglasses addict like me? I specifically love #QuayAustralia shades. This is the perfect storage for all of your sunnies.

Stay Shady.

I wear heels all day, everyday because of my job. My feet ache a lot and I need relief. I come home, use this reflexology ball, and I am good to go! More comfort things, coming your way!

Footsie care here.

Sometimes I make big batches of pico de gallo, or salsa. This is my savior during those times. Oh my goodness, no words. You need this in your life. Today.

Get to chopping you pico pro.

Love love love this juicer. Makes juicing very easy. Would you all like a blog post on all my favorite juices? Let me know.

Clean up is easy with this juicer, extracts basically everything as well. Can't go wrong here. Juice away!

I recently put this up on my patio and it is so fun to sit in. Can't wait till it is not 500 million degrees out so I can sit in this every day.

Swing your life away.

If you don't take a magnesium supplement, you should. Magnesium is one of you most needed electrolytes. Its good for all different parts of your body. Brain, heart, muscles, etc. In addition, this stuff has helped my anxiety extremely. It is definitely an anti stress drink for sure. I have developed an anxiety disorder somehow in the past 5-6 years or so and this is helping me. I got the orange flavor last time. I have the watermelon one in my cart currently.


Okay, I think I am done. If you made it through this whole post...congrats...you get nothing lol. But hey, I hope this was helpful :)

Alright amazonians, begin your shopping.

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