• Skye

A little more about me

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Since I am new at this, I thought I would let everyone know a little more about the person behind the screen.

My name is Skye and I currently reside in Arizona with half my family, my two cats, & my man piece. I spend my day time working in property management & now that I am not in school I will be able to fulfill many other extracurricular activities outside of work.

I am a lover of life, animals, food, fashion, travelling, music, makeup, & oils. I have many more likes which you all will come to know...and I hope love!

I am new at this blogging thing, so give me a fair shot! Promise to give you nothing but authentic, real, content. I know a lot of bloggers and I promise to stay true and bring real life into this!

Excited to share my daily epicness with you!


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