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2020 vision board

Its the start of a new year tomorrow & one thing I did this past weekend was make a new vision board! My friend Katye and I went and picked up stickers and then combined them all together to fit our boards. Since I went over my 2019 vision board, I thought it would be just as important to go over the next years! :)

First off, can we laugh at how I accidentally spelled VISION wrong??? There was no turning back after that. I joked around and was like WELL LETS SAY BYE TO PERFECTION THIS YEAR?

This year's board is different. I put things in groups that kind of go together.

Top left:

Focus on the good - Less complaining - 10 different ways to love

I want to continue to focus on positive things. Using a gratitude journal daily has helped so much. It has also helped me to plant seeds in my life.

I want to stop complaining so much. Life is way too short. I complain a lot to Kevin, it hurts our relationship, so I want to be better with that. Maybe complain in a constructive way.

10 different ways to love others:

you are nothing without love. Love is the greatest thing we can do for others and for ourselves.

My tattoo: Let me be patient, let me be kind, make me unselfish without being blind, I may have faith to make mountains fall, BUT IF I LACK LOVE, I AM NOTHING AT ALL.

Middle Top:

Have an open mind:

This is one thing I want to really focus on. I want to have an open mind and try new things and go to new places. Some of the best things I've done in this past year were last-minute decisions or decisions I had with a completely open mind.

Top Right:

Up in Salary + Get rid of debt

A huge goal is A) receive a raise and B) pay off debt.

I don't know my process on how to pay off debt but I just got to make it happen.

Left Middle Row:

Honeymoon! We are going to Greece for 2 weeks! I feel so blessed to do this, I've always wanted to go there. It will also be our second-largest trip we have ever done. We haven't gotten to do much travelling so I am grateful for this opportunity.



Hoping to handle this wedding season for me with grace and not have any crazy expectations besides enjoying the day with my loved ones.

Bottom Left:

Furniture photo - To do list photo

The meaning of these two is to finish our home with furnishings & the to do list is for finishing what you start. I always have so many ideas but I seem to never get enough time to do them. I want to focus on finishing what I start!

Bottom Right:

Let your faith be bigger than your fear - Bible

I have lived a lot of my life in fear and the past year I have slowly trusted in God. I want to continue to do so. I want my faith bigger than my fear. Every day I spend in fear is a day stolen.

I also am starting each week by reading my new bible I got! Getting closer to God is important to me this next year.

A couple of other personal things I want to work on:

Not taking things personally - watching who I advise in

Its important to not take things personally. A lot of what people do to you is not about you.

Watching who I take advice from is still something I am working on. A lot of my problems came this year from people who didn't have my best interest or people that didn't put what I want versus them.

Being present: This is so important to me. I want to spend more time with my loved ones, less time on my phone. At the end of the day, social platforms don't matter, so if you see me less on Instagram or whatnot, you'll know I am just being present. I encourage you to as well!

Thank you all to who read this. Again, just like last year, I do not have any high expectations for myself as far as completing every little thing. I just want to be better than before. Even if that means completing 1-3. Don't be so hard on yourself this upcoming year.


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