Getting Started with Oils


Hello and welcome! I created this page to go over the starter kit with ya'll and to create a page where you can easily grab your starter kit.

The starter kit is the best way to jump into the oily world. You get everything you need to start off + more!


Honestly, I wish I would have gotten my kit sooner. It has helped me in so many ways that I would just be here all day talking about all the goodness oils have brought into my life.


Now oils aren't free of course, and one of the main things I was objecting to getting my first kit and membership was the price. After purchasing and realizing the TRUE value and quality of the kit, that is when I kind of laughed at myself for thinking it was a hefty price. You are not only paying for essential oils, but you are paying for a membership for life that allows you to get 24% off of all the products. You are paying for an AMAZING, and I mean stinking amazing community. Everyone is so supportive and willing to help anyone at any time. Whether it be with helping you use your oils, or just praying for you, they will be there. I am so proud to be a part of this uplifting community.


God, you did good.




So first, I am going to provide some graphics that explain every oil in the kit.










































































This is a photo of the starter kit. You will receive:


1 Diffuser of your choice

2 Samples of Ningxia ( antioxidant drink----amazing )

Thieves cleaner sample, which will make 3 bottles of cleaner for you

1 bottle of thieves hand purifier ( Purell and other brands are hurting your immune system )

Roller filaments ( to create roller balls )


All on top of those oils above!


The retail value of this kit is over $400. How much do you get it for? $165. *Drops mic*


Like do I need to say anything more?


Message me and we can chat about all the good things oils and Young Living has done for my life.

In case you want to hop on my oily journey with me, follow this link. As soon as you sign up I'll be sending you an email with the link to our community groups. 


The only thing I regret about this kit is not getting it sooner.


Link me up girllllllllll


If you are still on the fence, let's chat on Instagram or Facebook. I'll answer anything I can for ya!





Do I have to do the business side of Young Living?

A: Absolutely not! I know a lot of people, including myself who haven't fully dived into it yet.

Never have to and you will never be treated differently


Do I have to order monthly?

A: Nope! But I recommend it. It took me about 3-4 months to commit to doing the monthly ordering. But now I can't live without my oils and other goodies I get monthly. Plus I get money back for shopping for my essentials.


Aren't oils expensive?

A: What is your health worth to you? But no. I am actually saving more money now than I ever was before. Young Living's products are so concentrated that they last so long! Break up the prices over time and you are golden.



Do oils actually work?

A: I get this A LOT. Yes. They work fantastically.

I will link some photos below.


















I'd love to have you join this crazy journey with me!

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